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MusicMuse is perfect for working drummers who
don't have time for in-person drum teachers.

We don't give you random online drum lessons.

Our easy to use video library is structured with a proven curriculum and optimized for bite-sized learning sessions.

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee and you
can try our service for 3 days completely free - no
credit card required.

Time-saving drum lessons and motivational community. Streaming video-drum-lessons
All premium memberships include:
Unlimited access

Learn what you want, when you want, from our entire lesson library.

500+ premium drum lessons

Find what you need in our growing library. New lessons added weekly.

Expert teachers

Watch and learn from top experts who are passionate about teaching.
Variety of instruction

Step-by-step courses for all levels and most genres of music.
Watch on any device

Watch from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.
Slow motion video

Half and quarter speed playback on all drum lessons.
Customer Reviews:
"First, allow to explain from a user's point of view. A cursory observation reveals that your site is chock full of golden nuggets with outstanding teachers. Like most viewers, or in my case, I keep a strict schedule of daily exercises and go to your site to pick up some pointers or perhaps another study routine. There will come a time when I will spend more time, but again, the object is to pick up something I need and then go study it.

Up until now, I have done several searches with fruitful outcomes. Again, no complaints whatsoever."

Daniel, Jersey City
"I like musicmuse, great tool for any learner."

Joseph, Holland
"I signed up because I loved dylan taylors drum lessons, hes got the coolest style. I would like more advanced lessons by him otherwise this sight is amazing! I like how affordable it is, Ive done many in person lessons and yet this site is way better for lessons and pricing."

Jacob, Brisbane
"I find the lessons very informative, easy to see with good picture quality and tons of content!"

Jeff, Pompton Plains